About Us

Hello! You’ve discovered me, and also I’m so thankful you’re below; it’s indicated to be!

So I’m Eric Ashley and also welcome to my blog, Provida Familia; a no-filter slightly chronological space filled with tales and also ill fortunes concerning my travels for many years with some musings concerning life included completely procedure.

I’m that cliche “regular man on a phenomenal journey” if one is allowed to say his very own life is extraordinary at 28. Generally, I travel a lot. Typically alone also, in this way I do not have to compromise.

A friend when explained me as negative however kind in equal procedure, an uncomfortably accurate bio. If you’re a fan of turmoil, harsh honesty, mockery and girls who believe they are wittier than they really are, after that you have actually involved the place. No, no do not run away just yet.

I began this blog around 7 years earlier in 2010 when I was preparing to relocate to Spain to instruct English and hesitate on life. I make sure you can associate. I thought my course would certainly take me to graduate school to come to be a middle ages history professor (raises eyebrows). Rather I ended up being a professional nomad (read: hobo). My parents are, naturally, delighted.

I resided on and also off in Spain for over three years; as soon as in Salamanca while studying abroad in college and learning to dance all evening in the discotecas and still most likely to class the following day. As soon as in Córdoba to show English and also learn to vouch in Spanish. And afterwards one last year in Logroño, in the magical wine making area of La Rioja, and the year I chose to live abroad over love as well as to value a great vintage.

2 years later I discovered that “expert traveling blogging” was an in fact thing, and I moved back right into my parent’s attic room outside Washington D.C. to benefit a year, build my blog appropriately, conserve and also discover online job. It was undignified but required to take place.

Four years ago I strolled into my manager’ office, informed him to pack it, and then relocated to New Zealand and started blogging full time and developed a deep and also abiding love for males in stubbies and gumboots. I haven’t been deported yet as well as haven’t looked back because.

Now I live in the really special and also Instagrammable mountain town of Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand, still blogging away as well as chasing adventure. I still take a trip abroad a fair bit as well. If you find yourself in this component of the globe, make certain to state hi!

On my blog site you will certainly discover the most wonderful collection of stories of my journeys, my ill fortunes (of which there are several) and also things I generally find fascinating (additionally lots of). Producing and also trying out is necessary to me.

I am passionate concerning points like great coffee, reading, being outdoors and conservation job (both below in New Zealand as well as overseas) and also believe that we remain in the world to do great and to grow as much as we can. I like to influence and make people grin (and grunt with laughter if I can handle it). I likewise ramble on a lot regarding birds. Simply roll with it. If you’re quickly offended, you’ve pertained to the wrong place.