Virtual Retreats

Today in my resort training course we discussed online retreats. You may ask, “What is a virtual resort?” And others may ask, “What is a resort?”

The something I can guarantee you is that it is based upon peace, not a location. And, all it entails is your commitment-to-self, a couple of hours as well as a phone. Time to get you and your life back in balance.

A resort is personal and defined by each people. For several, it’s a time to show, renew and recover. A time to treat oneself to time beyond the routine. Time away from residence or job. Basically, time we take for ourselves to utilize as we specify. By definition, it implies “a motion away from danger or a confrontation, back along the initial course.”

When I state digital, you may get visions of computers and other technology media. But I ask you to take into consideration some of the synonyms, e.g., functional, effective, fundamental and also necessary … “being something in practice.” The only technology involved is a phone.

So, an online retreat can be described as a method of vital time far from the common, along an initial course. I wish to suggest the initial route is time that takes you back to the authentic you. Break of bewilder as well as into neutral flow. Time far from stress and anxiety as well as right into assurance. Time for You to simply Be.

Are you still with me? Are you beginning to understand that a resort is less concerning the area as well as even more about the room inside you, that peace of mind? As such, one does not need to go anywhere to appreciate a hideaway. One just needs to provide themselves consent to put in the time for self-care, self-love.

Occasionally the consent to give oneself the time to hideaway is the hardest part of taking a hideaway. It’s wonderful to take time for oneself, reviewed a publication, walk as well as just Be. A virtual resort works quite possibly when we desire more than a walk or a snooze.

Sometimes putting down the day-to-day concerns and sharing in cumulative power is the life-changing, self-renewal experience we require. And, a coach-lead hideaway with like-minded, like-hearted people can supply the mind-less structure and accountability we require when our little voices tell us we don’t have the time to take time for ourselves.


The essence of this mini-retreat takes the dedication of a day and also a phone line. One dedicates to 3-4 hours on a given day, e.g., 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM. The emphasis for the day may be private or pre-defined by the train or group. At the start of the hideaway every person calls into a bridge (conference) line for the very first of 3- 4 calls.

Then every hour, on the hour you contact once again for one more 10-15 mins to touch base with the train and also the participants of your resort team. Some resorts are established as a one-day experience as well as others happen frequently on a month-to-month or quarterly basis.

The very first call is usually a welcome phone call to invite everybody to the retreat, describe exactly how it works, established the intention as well as schedule any type of support you may need for the day. The next 1-2 calls are for signing in, posing inquiries, getting assistance, accountability as well as celebration of objectives and also experiences already showing up.

The last telephone call of the day is to acknowledge that wherever you are is OK. Time to commemorate and see what you can do to take the positive experiences into your day, your life. Conversation concerning how you can take the renewed-self and also methods into your daily experiences.

On each phone call your trainer provides assistance, ideas and devices for organization, self-care and also sustenance. Like workout, it usually works better and is much more FUN with a companion or team.


  • Anybody who can only carve out a couple of hours in a day (stay-at-home mothers, mom-preneurs, executives).
  • Individuals in bewilder, requiring the support of framework as well as an instructor.
  • Those requiring “consent” to actually allot time for self or a goal.
  • Those appreciating the transformational power of cumulative (team) energy.
  • Those intending to discover the benefits of resort without the cost of gas or plane tickets.
  • Those wishing to taste group coaching without a lasting commitment.


  • Health club day – develop my at-home day spa.
  • Spiritual Space – create my sacred room around my house.
  • Me Time, Be Time – remembering what brings you pleasure, your genuine self and creating the ways to have it.
  • De-clutter days – clear a storage room, email off my computer, the attic or garage … or your mind to allow for better creative thinking. Receive the framework and devices to aid you make space.
  • Creativity Day – create, draw, repaint, stitch, play … with purpose.
  • Journal Journey – explore the benefits and power of journaling while delighting in a day for YOU!
  • New Year’s Resolutions – work best with support (quarterly gathering to keep you on course).
  • The ‘New Me’ Retreat – these are great for weight loss or coming back right into exercise.
  • Finally get some residence repair work or creation completed – from making curtains to redecorating a space.

Now, start to envision a day made simply for you. A day without computer systems, with every one of your favored things – the music of your choice, your favorite (healthy) foods, book or audio publication, a bath rather than a shower, sunlight or time on a chaise lounge. Or, maybe those hours you needed to clean up a closet to ensure that you really feel lighter at the end of the day. Most significantly, envision just how you will be changed at the end of those 3-4 hrs that you have actually provided yourself authorization to devote to YOU !!.

In October, I will start providing a quarterly complimentary mini-retreat for my clients. This will certainly be my gift to them to aid them produce success and also balance in their lives.